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Allan Blackburn with Cobra Phones on the Retro StandFor 25 years, GB Antiques and Furniture Centre has been attracting antiques and collectors buyers from around the world to North Lancashire. With 100 individual dealers, all indoors, owner Allan Blackburn, says the key to the Centre's continued success is its variety.

Allan said "We have tried to gather together a good selection of different dealers, so there's something for all types of collectors and buyers. We’ve worked hard to find a variety of reputable and committed dealers, which in turn generates more visitors to the centre."

The centre now includes dealers from throughout the U.K. including a kitchenalia specialist, a dealer in Art Deco and a toy expert, as well as furniture, ceramics and book dealers.


There lots of fascinating collectables dealers too, including a comic and annual expert, a sports specialist and the ever popular the Retro Modern stand.
Turning from an aisle of elegant porcelain, lustrous mahogany and pretty Victoriana, visitors are now confronted with the most outrageous colours and wildest designs of the 1950s - 1970s. It's a surprising contrast which enriches the centre.

Allan said "These items may not be true antiques, but they are innovative and unusual. This whole style is very popular and there are many buyers, (trade and general public alike), who want contemporary design, pedigree and provenance combined."

The selection of wares is not the only important attraction of GB Antiques Centre. Allan firmly believes that there's no point having a great variety of stalls if visitors find it difficult to get round. As a result, the centre is all on one level and all indoors. Aisles are wide and clutter is kept to a minimum.


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